I wanted to print and paint some of Forest Dragon’s 10mm stuff as 15mm as a test before I started on the Chaos army that they do. I just happened to have these from their range due to Patron and thought that I’d use them as a 15mm prototype. Printing them was pretty simple, just a case of taking the unsupported models, importing them into Lychee, scaling them up to 150% and then using the auto supports. It’s easier to get them off the plate if you make sure that all the rafts overlap so that you can scrap them off and wash them in a big lump before you remove them from the supports to cure them.

I quickly searched the web for some lizards and found some inspiration and then used the colour scheme below for basecoating them:

  • Belly - 1:1 Pallid Bone:Fire Giant Orange (Army Painter Speedpaints)
  • Scales - 1:1 Fire Giant Orange:Hardened Leather (Army Painter Speedpaints)
  • Weapons and Shields - Dark Wood (Army Painter Speedpaints)
  • Metal - Greedy Gold (AP Speedpaints)
  • Feathers - Highlord Blue (Army Painter Speedpaints)
  • Base colour - Dirt Splatter (Army Painter Acrylics)
  • Teeth and claws - Skeleton Bone (Army Painter Acrylics)
  • Wash for the weapons and claws - Strong Tone (Army Painter)
  • Bits and bobs - Other Army Painter Acrylics
  • Rimming the base 👀 - Black

I didn’t bother adding a drybrush layer. They would probably look a bit better with one but they are good enough for now.

WIP Photos

The pennies painted The bases are 1p coins that were painted with Earth Texture paint Primed lizards I primed with a zenithal highlight. Scales painted Painting the scales first Skin painted Then the skin was painted Fully basecoated After that, I painted the metal bits in gold and also painted up the other bits

Final photo

Final picture of the lizardmen"></