While working on some slightly larger projects, I printed out this tiny little 15mm well and painted it, and I think it’s cute so I’m going to quickly share it here.

In order to make this, I superglued the well to a cardboard base that I cut out and bevelled and then I painted the base with a texture paint. I primed it and painted it with the following colours:

Well: Gravelord Grey Army Painter Speedpaint Ground: Dirt Splatter with a Spaceship Exterior drybrush and a wash of Soft Tone Wood: Dark Wood Army Painter Speedpaint Rope: Spaceship Exterior

I had some Water Effects stuff that I got for other projects and I decided to try something for the bottom. I wanted to have an effect where it looked like the well was both depp and has water in, so I mixed some black paint and some Water Effects resin together in a dropper bottle and then added some of this to the bottom. In person the effect kind of works but it doesn’t photograph well.

Primed photo Basecoated photo The finished product!

STL from: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-western-kingdom-terrain-free-sample-121489