This project took me ages, I lost steam for it a few times but kept plugging away. Started off with some test models at 15mm (60% scale), then changed my mind and decided to do it in 28mm instead to match everyone else. I also ended up ignoring all of my test colour schemes in favour of an offical Warhammer 40k one because frankly it looked better than all mine.

For the Assault Grunts, first I gave them all a zenitnal, then I painted the carabase bits with a 2:1 mix of Blood Red and Dark Wood AP Speedpaints. I’ve experimented with the Pallid Bone speedpaint but I think it looked too dark. So instead, I painted the skin with a mix of Opal Skin and Skeleton Bone Speedpain Arycics, followed by a wash with Soft Tone. Once I’d worked out how to paint the grunts, I used the same scheme for the 2 Veteran Warriors and the Hive Swarm (the Hive Swarm came out lighter because I sprayed them a lot lighter by mistake, but I kind of prefer them and I’ll be more aggresive with the white on my other models.)

Veteran Warrior Assault Grunts Hive Swarm The Whole Squad

Army List

++ Alien Hives (v3.1.0) [GFF 300pts] ++

Veteran Warrior [1] Q4+ D4+ | 85pts | Fearless, Hero, Tough(3), 1x Hive Protector(Psy-Barrier)
Heavy Ravager Gun (18", A3, AP(2)), Slashing Blade (A2, AP(1), Rending)

Veteran Warrior [1] Q4+ D4+ | 70pts | Fearless, Hero, Tough(3), 1x Hive Protector(Psy-Barrier)
Heavy Razor Claws (A2, AP(1)), Twin Spine Guns (12", A4, AP(1))

Hive Swarm [1] Q6+ D6+ | 25pts | Fearless, Strider, Tough(3), 1x Burrow Attack(Ambush)
Swarm Attack (A3, Poison)

3x Assault Grunts [3] Q5+ D5+ | 40pts | Fast, Strider, Heavy Bite(Furious)
3x Razor Claws (A2)