I’ve had this model primed and unpainted in my model cabinet for ages and I decided to just slap some paint on and get the bloody thing painted. I didn’t manage to take many photos so I’m afraid that we don’t have many photos here.

To paint her, I first gave her a zenithal prime. I then left her alone for ages in a cabinet for multiple months (this is a vital part of the process :P). When I finally did actually decide to paint her, I basecoating the model itself with Army Painter speedpaints. I then painted the base with Dungeon Grey and Dirt Splatter. Once that dried, I varnished the whole model to seal in the speedpaints, so that I could safely paint on the details. I then painted the eyes black, the foot claw things bone, applied aa quick drybrush of off-white and I applyed a layer of Soft Tone to the base. Once that was done, all that was left was some flocking and rimming the base in black. She’s not going to win any awards but I think she’s cool.

STL is Orchid, the Thri-Kreen Duelist by Twin Goddess

basecoat_001.JPEG basecoat_002.JPEG basecoat_003.JPEG basecoat_004.JPEG finished_001.JPEG finished_002.JPEG finished_003.JPEG finished_004.JPEG