I needed some treasure tokens and objectives for various fantasy games like Frostgrave and Monsterus Encounters just happened to have some STL’s that were perfect for it, so I printed them out and painted them. I think they came out pretty well. It’s just some standard resin prints with some bits and bobs from the Frostgrave Solider Kit glued on, with a bit of flocking applied. I wanted it to look like this was treasure that had been dropped and lost in a battle long ago and I think it worked out well.

WIP basecoated All tokens Treasure token 1 Front Treasure token 1 Back Treasure token 2 Front Treasure token 2 Back Treasure token 3 Front Treasure token 3 Back Treasure token 4 Front Treasure token 4 Back Treasure token 5 Front Treasure token 5 Back

STL from: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-dungeon-decor-set-1-132384 with some other bits from the Frostgrave Soliders box.