Orc Celric

An Orc Cleric model that I printed and painted. I did all the basecoating with speedpaints (apart from the mud colour on the base which was Dirt Splatter by Army Painter). While painting this guy, I discovered something magical. I’ve found that if you paint speedpaints over steel coloured metallics, you get a really good looking colour, I think I am going to print all of my gold and bronze using this technique as I’ve never been quite happy with the paints I have for gold/copper/bronze etc.

Once he was painted I varnished him with an airbrush, flocked the base and called him done.

STL is Denthir, the Orc Cleric by Twin Goddess

primed_front.JPEG primed_left.JPEG primed_rear.JPEG primed_right.JPEG basecoat_001.JPEG basecoat_002.JPEG basecoat_003.JPEG details_001.JPEG details_002.JPEG details_003.JPEG finished_001.JPEG finished_002.JPEG finished_003.JPEG finished_004.JPEG