I painted these up a few weeks ago and then forgot to upload the photos here. I seem to have lost all of the details of how I actually did it however, so I can only share the finished warband and the army list.

This was intended for use in One Page Rules Skirmish, the army list is below. I’m not sure if I’ll ever really get to play but I find it cool to have an army in mind when doing these little projects, it gives me something to work towards.

3 Warriors Closeup 3 Warriors Closeup

Havoc Master [1] Q3+ D3+ | 60pts | Hero, Tough(3), Chosen Warrior
Hand Weapon (A3, AP(1))

2x Warrior [1] Q3+ D3+ | 20pts | 
Hand Weapon (A1, AP(1))

Doggo Front Doggo Rear

2x Havoc Hound [1] Q4+ D5+ | 20pts | Fast, Strider, 1x Bounding Advance(Scout)
Claws (A1, Rending)

Barbarians And Ogre Front Barbarians And Ogre Rear

Barbarians [3] Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | Furious
3x Hand Weapons (A1)

Havoc Ogre [1] Q4+ D4+ | 45pts | Tough(3)
Great Weapons (A3, AP(2))

Harpies Front Harpies Rear

Havoc Furies [3] Q5+ D5+ | 40pts | Flying
6x Armblades (A1, AP(1))

The Whole Squad