The party comes to the entrance of the Dread Ruins Of Arge. From outside, they can see an entrance.

Dungeon entrance front Dungeon entrance rear

Inside, there is a grim corridor. The path splits left and right

Dungeon path

Going right, they find a new room with 2 exits, a locked chest and two magically animated skeletons. The skeletons are armed and stood perfectly still, waiting. What will happen next?

Dungeon room with skeletons front Dungeon room with skeletons left Dungeon room with skeletons rear Dungeon room with skeletons right

The above terrain was inspired by Dungeon Craft’s Ultimate Dungeon Terrain. The idea here is that by having a “stage” and some walls, I can quickly and easily create dungeons for table top RPG’s like Shadowdark (I’ve never actually DM’d but I enjoy crafting little things and it’s good to have an excuse). I happened to already have a lazy susan from IKEA that I used for a bit of spray painting and I’ve also got some foam bricks from TKTK. Painting the lazy susan was just a case of painting it black with cheap acryic paints, I didn’t bother taking pictures of that.

The walls were a bit more complex. The painting process was highly inspired by Black Magic Crafts Stone Painting Tutorial First, I PVA glued the foam bricks to some cardboard and then cut out the walls.

Unpainted Bricks Unpainted Bricks

After that, I then primed it with a black acryic/PVA mix (there’s some more walls here than before because I decided that I needed more)


Once it was primed, I basecoated it with a tan paint.

Basecoated with tan

After that basecoating, I picked out some random bricks with a red and a brown.

Picked out bricks

After that’s all dry, I gave the whole thing a heavy drybrush with a white.


Then, it’s time to apply a heavy black wash. This really ties the whole thing together.


Finally, I added a black rim to the base


I think this would work for a game of Shadowdark, but while doing this I realised that maybe I should have done floor tiles instead. They would be easier to craft and paint and the lack of walls would make the models easier to see and move. Something to consider for later, maybe that should be my next project?