15mm Peasent Mob

Design by Forest Dragon - Printed by WMandThings

A peasent mob.

  1. Primer: Chaos Black
  2. Zenithal Drybrush: White
  3. Skin: Various from the Army Painter Skin Tone set
  4. Top: Crystal Blue
  5. Metal: Metallic Steel
  6. Shoes, Belts and Wood: Wood colour
  7. Bits and bobs: Red
  8. Wash: Strong Tone
  9. Little bit of highlighting
  10. Base: Browns with some flocking

wip_001.jpg wip_002.jpg complete_001.jpg complete_002.jpg complete_003.jpg complete_004.jpg complete_005.jpg complete_006.jpg complete_007.jpg complete_008.jpg complete_009.jpg complete_010.jpg complete_011.jpg