28mm Skeletons with swords and shields

Design by BigMrTong - Printed by TheSummoningCircle

Mk 1 skeletons

Just your normal fantasy skeletons for when you need a generic enemy. I decided to paint the weapons in copper as that feels like an “old” metal and I tried to give the eyes a blue magic look, like the spell that animates them is glowing from within their skulls. I don’t think it quite worked on these. At the time, I didn’t own any bone colour and I didn’t have a black strong wash so I made do with the dark skin wash that I had from the Army Painter Skin Tones set.

Mk1 Skeletons

Paints Used:

  1. Bone: White + Light Gray
  2. Shield: Mohogany
  3. Metal: Metallic Copper
  4. Bone Drybrush: White
  5. Wash: Dark Skin Wash
  6. Eyes: Metallic Arctic Blue

Mk 2 skeletons

The rest of the set of 10 skeletons I bought. I decided to try a slightly different way to painting these ones (ie, I actually bought some Skeleton Bone and Strong Wash). The eyes came out much better this time, instead of using a metallic dark blue which was too dark and didn’t have the shiny effect I wanted, I just used a light Crystal Blue which makes it a lot clearer. I also tried to drybrush on some green to make the weapons look more aged. I think I was too gentle with that.

Mk2 Skeletons

Paints Used:

  1. Bone: Skeleton Bone
  2. Shield: Mohogany
  3. Metal: Metallic Copper
  4. Shield Edges: Black
  5. Bone Drybrush: White
  6. Weapon Drybrush: Snake Scales Green
  7. Wash: Strong Tone
  8. Eyes: Crystal Blue